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Door Mirror
Door Mirror
Door Mirror
Door Mirror

Product Details

The Door Mirror has high rigidity and anti-vibration performance so that rear view vision is not obstructed even when driving at high speed or on rough roads, and it also achieves quiet operation when retracting and adjusting the mirror surface.
Technical Information
Mechanism design technology (strength, rigidity, vibration analysis)
Noise-reducing technology, gear design
Resin molding technology
(product and mold design, processing, molding)
Integration of multi part functions using two-material molding technology
Current detection control technology
Light distribution design technology
Visibility improvement and blind spot assistance
・Heated mirrors
・Hydrophilic mirror
・Slowly changing curvature mirror
・Automatic anti-glare mirror
・Blind spot information
・Prismatic mirror
・Multi-view camera
・Lane watch camera
Mirror surface adjustment
・Reverse linked mirror
・Side turn lamps
・Antenna for smart entry
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