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3D Design


3D CAD3D Prototype
We do design and drafting using 3D.
Layout verification can be performed without the need to manufacture the actual product.

3D Prototype

3D CAD3D Prototype
By immediately materializing the designed product using a 3D printer or optical molding, we can verify the validity of the specifications and layout in a short period of time.

Simulation Analysis

By simulating using the finite element method, various analyses can be performed on the computer before the product is manufactured.

Hardware design

(1)Circuit Design

(1)Circuit Design(2)Board design(3) Board processing
CR-8000 Design Gateway
Circuit design that makes use of many years of know-how is possible.
Select the most suitable parts by managing the parts database.

(2)Board design

(1)Circuit Design(2)Board design(3) Board processing
Structural design, thermal design, and wireless design are supported, allowing for collaborative design using simulation.
EMC Advisor is used to verify the validity of noise countermeasures at the design stage.

(3) Board processing

(1)Circuit Design(2)Board design(3) Board processing
We have an environment that allows us to perform board processing and mounting of electronic components in development.
This enables early creation of prototype boards and more accurate evaluation in the early development stage.

Software Design


MBDDesignTesting and analysis
In order to cope with the increasing scale and complexity of in-vehicle software in recent years, we have adopted MBD (Model Base Development) to ensure high efficiency and reliability in software development.
By using UML and Matlab/Simulink, software development can be carried out in an environment that simulates the system environment without prototyping, enabling speedy and high-quality software to be released as early as possible.


MBDDesignTesting and analysis
We use UML (Unified Modeling Language) for system design and software design.
For implementation, we use MATLAB/Simulink for system modeling and auto-code generation, enabling early simulation while building high quality software.

Testing and analysis

MBDDesignTesting and analysis
For the purpose of MISRA-C (software design standard) compliance, we analyze programs using QAC provided by Toyo Technica.
The completed program is subjected to unit and integration testing to confirm program operation.

Wireless Design

Electromagnetic field simulation/simulation

Electromagnetic field simulation/simulationEMC visualization systemRadio wave measurement
We use CST Studio to design antennas, investigate the causes of EMC, and conduct desk studies of countermeasures to enable more realistic and reliable wireless design.

EMC visualization system

Electromagnetic field simulation/simulationEMC visualization systemRadio wave measurement
This system can measure the magnetic field near the object to be measured and map the magnetic field (electric field) strength.
It is used to investigate the cause of EMC and to check the effect of countermeasures.

Radio wave measurement

Electromagnetic field simulation/simulationEMC visualization systemRadio wave measurement
We measure the radiation directivity of antennas and evaluate wireless communication systems to determine whether the performance satisfies the customer's requirements.

Material Analysis

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrophotometerScanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDX
We have installed a Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer that measures infrared spectra (IR spectra) to analyze the composition of materials.
Analyze the components of materials used in products to verify their validity and authenticity.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDX

Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrophotometerScanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDX
We have a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with EDX, which irradiates electron beams and observes the sample surface.
Compared to optical microscopes, it has a deeper depth of focus and can measure a wider range of samples, even those with severe unevenness.
It is also equipped with EDX to perform elemental analysis of the sample surface.

Environmental load test

Considering how the product will be used in the market, we conduct environmental load tests using testing equipment that meets JIS standards for temperature, weather, dust, salt water, vibration, etc., and evaluate all possible effects on the product.

Example of Equipment
・Constant temperature and humidity chamber
・Sunshine weather
・Vibration, temperature and humidity combined testing machine
・Water sprinkler testers
・Dust testers
・Salt spray testers, etc.

Product Performance Evaluation

By evaluating the manufactured products, we confirm that there are no abnormalities in the manufacturing process.
We also conduct actual strength tests and durability tests to elucidate abnormalities that cannot be confirmed by appearance alone.

Sound Analysis

We evaluate the quietness of our products through precise sound measurement in a soundproof room.
FFT analysis of the measured sound leads to the identification of the location of abnormal noise and vibration.

X-ray and CT analysis

We have installed a CT system that can take tomographic images using X-rays and create 3D data.
In addition to internal observation without disassembling the product, it is possible to observe internal defects in parts.